Facebook, Twitter, CNN, Elle, Evernote and Tumblr apps now on Google Glass

Facebook, Twitter, CNN, Elle, Evernote and Tumblr apps now on Google Glass

During its Google I/O 2013 conference on Thursday, Google announced that Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr sharing apps would be coming to Google Glass today. The apps are enabled for sharing just like any other contact using the Glass Mirror API.

The Twitter sharing app is outlined here in an official post and the Facebook workflow is detailed here. Other apps are also coming from CNN, Elle, and Evernote. The Twitter and Facebook apps are primarily focused on sharing photos to their respective networks, which is something that Glass developers had already hacked together versions of on their own. Official apps arriving today do have a couple of other functions, however, like notifications for Twitter mentions, for example.

One of the first games for Glass, called Icebreaker, is also available today. It was created by several programmers who met at a Glass Foundry developer event.

You can install any of the apps from Google.com/MyGlass if you’ve got the hardware.

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