Google reveals Shawnee, Kansas is in line to get its Fiber Internet service

Google reveals Shawnee, Kansas is in line to get its Fiber Internet service

Google on Thursday announced that Shawnee, Kansas will receive the company’s Fiber Internet service. Shawnee is located just south-west of Kansas City, meaning the technology will be easier to extend than previous Fiber city announcements, but Google currently claims it doesn’t have an estimate for when the service will be available.

The company says it has “a lot of planning and engineering work to do” before bringing Fiber to Shawnee. Nevertheless, Google insists the city deserves Fiber access as it expects that widespread connectivity will complement the “great work” the City is already doing:

We’ve also been impressed by Shawnee’s vision to keep their citizens informed and involved using the Internet. Recently, the City modernized their website, so that locals can easily access city info—from crime maps to fiscal reports to streamed audio of city council meetings.

Although Shawnee is a city in its own right, it also happens to be a suburb of Kansas City. In this regard, it is similar to Olathe, Kansas – which also approved to receive Google Fiber, back in March.

Earlier today, there was speculation that Shawnee was getting Google Fiber after city officials announced a special council meeting to consider an agreement regarding the service. Once they voted to bring it to the city, Google and the city announced the news together.

“The ultra-high speed Google fiber network will enhance the quality of life for people in Shawnee by providing faster access to essential digital resources,” Shawnee’s Mayor Jeff Meyers said in a statement. “This will grow and strengthen Shawnee’s competitive advantage in the years to come.”

Google first announced Fiber was coming to Kansas City in July 2012. The company was quiet regarding other locations for months, but as of late there have been a slew of announcements.

In April, Austin, Texas was named as the second city, quickly followed by Provo, Utah less than two weeks later.

Given the plans for Olathe and Shawnee, Internet citizens who live in cities near Austin and Provo should talk to their city officials. It’s becoming increasingly clear that Google is eager to expand Fiber, both to large US cities as well as smaller ones that are suburbs to existing Fiber cities.

Top Image credit: Spike Mafford

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