Google Flights now lets you search for destinations by region rather than airport

Google Flights now lets you search for destinations by region rather than airport

Google’s Flights search service has been updated to gives users a much broader set of destinations in their searches, for those not too fussy about where they end up on holiday.

Indeed, while many people will know exactly which airports they wish to fly from/to, sometimes price may dictate their exact destination..

Now, rather than entering ‘Orlando, Florida’, for example, you can simply enter ‘Florida’, and Google Flights will plot the various prices of flying to different airports across the Sunshine State. This would equally work for a much broader destination, such as Australia.

Google ITA
It’s worth noting that these are ‘Live’ prices, so if you’re quick enough you should be able to nab any price that you see. And this is just one more flexible feature to its armory, in addition to the ability to search for a range of times/budgets in a single search. Google Flights only works from US or Canadian origins, but includes global destinations.

ITA was acquired by Google back in June 2010, a source of flight information and fares, which is why Google wanted to get these guys on board for its own flight information sites and services.

Just last month, we reported that flight rewards tracker MileWise had launched a new version of its iOS app, letting travelers search for flights in cash, frequent flyer miles, and hotel or credit card points. MileWise had previously cut a deal with Google-ITA to power key features across its service, the second deal announced by Google-ITA to distribute flight fare data.

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