Samsung and Google set for high-profile talks over Android ecoystem, Apple patents

Samsung and Google set for high-profile talks over Android ecoystem, Apple patents

With Eric Schmidt in the country to help promote the launch of his company’s Nexus 7 tablet today, Samsung mobile chief Shin Jong-kyun has said he will meet with the Google chairman in a top-level meeting while he is in Korea.

The Korea Times reports that the meeting is scheduled for Thursday, with talks expected to include discussion of the company’s patent battle with Apple, but the majority of the details concerning the meeting have been kept quiet.

Shin told reporters at the Korean launch of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 that he would “meet Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt on Thursday in Seoul,” stressing that strategic with major US carriers have already been set for next week.

In recent months, Google has found itself embroiled in patent battles between Samsung, HTC and Apple. Apple accused Samsung not only of copying its products, but mimicking software features in its Android software. Samsung was found guilty in a major US case and ordered to pay Apple over a billion dollars.

Google long argued that its platform did not infringe upon Apple’s patents, but Apple recently added Google’s software to its listing of infringing products when amending its lawsuit against Samsung in California.

Despite its legal setbacks, Shin believes Samsung will see increased handset sales this year and has raised its estimates to target 400 million sales, up from 370 million.

Samsung will rely on its vast product range to secure sales all over the world; the Galaxy S III is on course to reach 30 million sales by the end of the year and the company is predicting “over 3 million Note 2 [sales in] the first three months.”

Image Credit: Yoshikazu Tsuno/Getty Images

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