Brazil orders the arrest of Google’s President of Operations in the country

Brazil orders the arrest of Google’s President of Operations in the country

The news today looks bad for one Google exec as the arrest of Google’s President of Brazil Operations Fabio Jose Silva Coelho. Coelho is being sought after failing to remove YouTube videos that reportedly attacked a mayoral candidate, according to the story from The Washington Post.

It’s certainly not the first of Google’s legal concerns in Brazil. The company has been embroiled in battles for months, some of which ended up a bit off-the-wall, such as Google replying to a lawsuit with a risotto recipe. As TNW’s Anna Heim noted at the time:

“While this specific case may have its merits, it is also one of many attempts to hold Google and similar companies responsible for content posted on the platforms they make available in Brazil.”

It’s been noted that Brazil has led the charge when it comes to removal requests for content provided by Google. The company had previously reported that it had a total of 669 removal requests from Brazil, with the majority of them being attributed to the company’s refusal to give up blogger identities.

Brazilian courts have earned their own reputation for bad behavior as well, recently being called  “a press censorship tool” by Deutsche Welle.

Image: Antonio Scorza / Getty Images

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