YouTube Space Lab winners’ experiments will be live-streamed from Space on September 13

YouTube Space Lab winners’ experiments will be live-streamed from Space on September 13

We first introduced you to YouTube’s Space Lab competition way back when it launched last October. Since then, 60 finalists were selected, out of which 6 regional winners were announced.

The competition is a first of its kind, in that it gives high school students the opportunity to submit experiments that can be performed beyond this planet we call home – in Space.

The six finalists were flown to Washington DC in March to participate in a series of activities, including a ZERO-G Flight and an awards ceremony at the Newseum. Three of the six remaining finalists were then selected as global winners, to have their experiments not only conducted 250 miles above Earth on board the International Space Station (ISS), but also to have them live-streamed on YouTube.

Well, Google has now whetted our appetite and posted this little teaser for the upcoming experiments.

Kicking off on Thursday, September 13, Bill Nye (yup, the Science Guy) will host the live stream, which will let you see the YouTube Space Lab youngsters watch as a NASA astronaut carries out the winning experiments. Depending on the space station’s schedule, the stream will take place at around 5:30am Pacific Time. You can watch it yourself here.

Those on Earth (that’ll be most of us) will be joined by NASA astronaut, Sunita Williams, live from the ISS, who will answer questions posed by the public – you can ask through Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, using the hashtag #SpaceLab.

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