Google’s “Universal Search” crusade: Docs, Drive, Calendar are on the road map

Google’s “Universal Search” crusade: Docs, Drive, Calendar are on the road map

One of the things that all of us were wondering at the Google search event today was when will the rest of Google’s products be unearthed in the main search.

Liz Gannes from AllThingsD asked the team when other products would get this “universal” touch, and responded by saying that Docs, Drive, Calendar are all on the “road map.”

Yes, eventually, you’ll be able to search through everything that Google knows about you, has collected about you and make your search results more contextual. Sounds creepy at first, but when you think about it, it makes complete sense.

There are services out there that allow you to authorize with your Google account and then make all of your information searchable. Greplin, now called Cue, is a service that I’ve used for years to do this.

I’d like to be able to find everything that is attached to me in one grand old search, but this is clearly not an easy problem to solve. There are multiple layers of security questions to answer, and if you were to leave your Google account signed in around the wrong people, grabbing your information would be just as easy for them as it is you.

Once all of Google’s products are integrated in this way, a simple search for “trip” could unearth every email transaction, Calendar entry and itinerary document that you have stored in the cloud.

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