Google introduces new I/O live blogging tool

Google introduces new I/O live blogging tool

Just days ahead of the yearly Google I/O event, Google has introduced a rather interesting live blogging tool that taps into Google+ page posts and pulls from the I/O live video feed.

This tool, which you can see below, is currently not event agnostic. In other words, this is Google’s own live blogging tool and is unusable for other, non-Google festivities. That said, it looks like it wouldn’t be difficult for Google to expand its offering for any event, which would make more sense in the long run if Google is serious about creating more tools for bloggers.

The features, according to Google:

Keynote live stream: Stream the Google I/O keynote live from your blog or webpage.

Real-time announcements: Show the official Google I/O announcements as they are announced in real-time.

Live blogging tool: You can have the gadget pull your real time public posts from Google+.

Customization: Choose your gadget size, feeds, and colors.

Google stated that anyone can “certainly use this live blog functionality for other events. However, the video will of course not be relevant for other events.” Google’s ambiguous response raises questions as to whether this tool will actually last.

More specifically, the live blogging tool works by grabbing recent posts from a specified Google+ page. This means that it works with multiple users, so long as access has been granted to them. You can see the actual tool embedded below:

For those of you that are enticed, you can create and customize your own Google I/O “live blogging gadget” here. Google has also set up a FAQ, in the event that you’re still not sure exactly why this gadget was created.

➤ I/O Live

How funny would it be to use this for an Apple event?

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