HTC hints at plans for Android-based, Google Play-powered iPod Touch rival

HTC hints at plans for Android-based, Google Play-powered iPod Touch rival

HTC looks like it’s gearing up to take on the iPod Touch with an Android-powered personal media device equipped with Google Play, according to a patent submission spotted by Patent Bolt [via Cult of Android.]

The patent, which was filed in Q1 2011 and published by the US Patent and Trademark Office this month, makes no reference to mobile network access or other phone features, pointing to the design being for a media player rather than new smartphone.

Boasting an inbuilt kickstand and stereo speakers at each end, the HTC patent is a touchscreen device to rival the iPod Touch, a feat attempted by many with little success.

Google recently introduce ‘Play’ in a bid to better organise content for its Android operating system and extend its push into storing and providing apps, games, movies and other content via the cloud. On paper the move makes a lot of sense and, given the market lead Android has over its competitors, Play will serve a huge audience.

The question is whether it can go from simply being the system that users get when they buy an Android device to an appealing feature that encourages smartphone owners to make their next device an Android one.

Certainly this HTC device could be an interesting test of the water, if and when it comes to life. HTC will be hoping that it performs better than Samsung’s own Android-based Galaxy Player.

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