After 100,000 posts in Gmail’s forum, its biggest fan scores a trip to the Googleplex

After 100,000 posts in Gmail’s forum, its biggest fan scores a trip to the Googleplex

From time to time we’ve all entered the forums for a product that we need to ask questions about. Depending on how popular the product is you might get lucky and get a response within a few hours of posting your question. For example, Apple’s forums are full of product fans and experts who are just waiting to answer your question.

Apparently Google has the same type of fans in its community, as the Gmail team has shared an interesting story about one of its top contributors.

Brett, better known as “bkc56” in the Gmail forums, has become the first person to post 100k answers about the product in response to questions from its community. Yes, one hundred thousand. Brett isn’t a member of the Gmail team, nor does he work at Google, but his dedication to Google’s email product is second-to-none.

Since Brett was the first person to post 100k answers to its forum, the Gmail team invited him to visit the Googleplex to mark the occasion:

To celebrate, we invited Brett to come by the Google offices in Mountain View for lunch and a day with the team. While he was here, Brett shared his insights on Gmail, the forum, and the Gmail community; those he met with described his observations as “brilliant” and “invaluable.” He met with Googlers in many different roles, from support specialists and engineers to vice presidents. We learned a lot from speaking with Brett and we are all very grateful that he shared his time with us.

The official Gmail forum has also gotten a facelift and now looks a lot like the rest of Google’s products, namely…Gmail:

I get a ton of email and I’m not necessarily a fan of it, so I can’t imagine giving up my spare time to answer questions about an actual email product. Good for Brett though, someone has to do it! Get that guy a job.

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