Google wants more lulz on Google+, begins rolling out image meme generator

Google wants more lulz on Google+, begins rolling out image meme generator

In an attempt to ensure memes are created or started on its own social network instead of merely being shared to users, Google has begun rolling out a new feature that will allow Google+ users to add text to the photos they upload, without the need for additional sites or tools.

Announcing the new feature via its official Google+ account, Google stated:

Rolling out now and over the next few days… you can add text to photos by adding a photo to the sharebox and clicking the “add text” button beneath the photo. You’ve seen memes float around the web. Now make your own and share them with your circles on Google+.

Google Software Engineer Colin McMillen shared a number of test images, demonstrating how the tool works and noting that the feature will make it easier to add “big, bold text on top of your photos”.

McMillen says that once the feature becomes available, users simply have to “drop a photo into the sharebox on Google+, then click the “Add text” button underneath the photo. Type in something funny, then share and enjoy”:

The feature is rolling out as you read this, so expect it to hit your Google+ account in the next few days.

Will it spell the end of sites like Quickmeme? Probably not, but the search giant is doing its best to ensure meme images are created and shared on its network, driving visitors to the service in the process.

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