Google begins to roll out Google+ features for Blogger

Google begins to roll out Google+ features for Blogger

Back in October, Blogger started letting select users choose to display their Google+ profile with their blog, instead of the original boring Blogger profile. That feature has been made available to all Blogger users today, along with another handy new feature.

If you’ve connected Google+ with your Blogger profile, you will now have the option to automatically share each published post to Google+.

While it’s not the most exciting feature, it’s a step towards integrating Google’s social product into its most popular social product on the web before Google+, Blogger. The team promises more features in the coming months to join the two service experiences together.

The prompt will look something like this, allowing you to edit the snippet that gets posted to your Google+ circles:

If you’d like to go back and share all of your older posts, each of them will now have a share option that looks like this:

If you haven’t switched over to using your Google+ profile with Blogger, you can do that here.

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