Gundotra on Open Graph: “Every thought in your head doesn’t come out of your mouth”

Gundotra on Open Graph: “Every thought in your head doesn’t come out of your mouth” ...

Today at Web 2.0 Summit, Google’s SVP of Social Vic Gundotra had some interesting things to say about internet privacy and sharing controls. When asked about Facebook’s Open Graph system, Gundotra said that “There is a reason that every thought in your head does not come out of your mouth.”

Gundotra went on to say that the core of Google’s social philosphy is curation. He went on to say that “we want to do social in a way that is more like real life. He also addressed the issue of real names, saying that it enforced interaction that was more true to the person “If you post a photo and captain crunch or dog fart comments on it, it changes the atmosphere.”

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Nevertheless, Gundotra did say that Google is working on allowing pseudonyms on the service.

Facebook’s Open Graph is based around the philosophy that you will want to share everything openly and constantly with those in your social circles. To this end, Facebook just introduced an expanded Open Graph that allows you to ‘read’, ‘watch’, ‘eat’ and more in addition to the classic ‘like’.

In response to an audience question about how Google+ would help to enrich a user’s experience for families, Gundotra said that Google “deeply cares about friends and family on the platform,” and that they are “going to give them reasons to use Google+.”

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