Google Docs adds copy and paste for drawings and shapes

Google Docs adds copy and paste for drawings and shapes

Google has announced today that you are now able to copy and paste graphic elements, or drawings, back and forth between Google Documents. This improvement comes as a result of Google Docs now using the web clipboard.

In addition to copying whole drawings, you can also copy individual shapes and paste them into a drawing in another document. The new feature is under the web clipboard>Copy shapes to web clipboard.

Once you’re in the new document, the web clipboard menu will allow you to choose from a list of copied shapes in order to paste them. This should help anyone that uses graphics heavily in their docs, especially for multiple-document online editing.

Google has also announced improved right-to-left table support for those languages who need it. this support will allow the insertion of tables that actually read right-to-left, with the first cell in the uper right corner.

In order to see the new right-to-left option on your tables, you’ll need to have enabled the right-to-left controls from your docs list settings.

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