Google Instant Previews for Ads are now live

Google Instant Previews for Ads are now live

Newsgrange reports that Google just launched Instant Previews for Ads, which gives a sneak peek of the sites behind the text ads on Google Search without having to click on the link.

It is a spin-off of the previously announced Instant Previews for ads that display little popup boxes that shows what is listed on a webpage without having to leave the search page. Last month, the feature was made available to mobile search results as well.

Advertisers that generally pay Google on a per click basis can benefit from this, as it will allow potential customers to see a preview of the site’s landing page without having to click on the ad. This also means that consumers who click on ads are more likely to be interested, given that they have already seen the preview.

Instant Previews for Ads are currently limited to ads on Google’s own search results pages. It is still uncertain whether or not Google will roll out this feature to third-party sites that use Google AdSense.

Not a huge fan of the Instant Previews? Here’s how you can disable it.

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