’s new Chrome extension lets you choose a blog’s design’s new Chrome extension lets you choose a blog’s design now have a new tool in their ever-growing arsenal. Dynamic Views –a Chrome Extension that aids in the new Blogger experience.

Last week Google announced five exciting new ways to view your blog content, which take advantage of the latest web technologies to provide a richer experience for your readers. Blogger users can already see these views in action by appending /view to the end of any Blogger URL, but today we’re happy to announce another way to experience these views via the Blogger Dynamic Views Chrome extension.

Once installed, the extension will automatically detect when you are viewing a Blogger blog, and then display a Blogger icon (looks like an orange “B”) in your address bar which lets you select and view the blog in one of the five new dynamic views. Very clean and super simple.

If you are not happy with the new extension, you can always disable the extension whenever you want from the Extensions section of the Tools menu. Blogger users should give it a try and help out the developers by leaving a rating or review on the extension page.

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