Google’s Blogger Just Got Cool

Google’s Blogger Just Got Cool

Google’s Blogger platform hasn’t had any big releases for a long time now and has almost gotten lost in the race with the likes of Squarespace, Virb and Tumblr.

Hoping to catch up, Google has just released previews of five new dynamic templates that will be available publicly to use and customize. Google says these new templates make use of the latest web technologies like AJAX, HTML5 and CSS3 to offer the wholesome goodness that they do.

Some remarkable features of these themes include:

  • Infinite Scrolling: Much like what’s available in the Tumblr Dashboard.
  • New Layouts: Different views for different types of blogs.
  • Speed: Images load only when you view them, not automatically.
  • Interactivity: New ways to experience and engage with the blog content.

These new templates can be tried out on your own public blogs simply by adding /view to the URL. Google has set up a help center article about these new views.

You can preview these new templates here: Flipcard | Mosaic | Sidebar | Snapshot | Timeslide.

Here’s a video from Google to whet your appetite:

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