Google Offers Goes Live, Coupons Already Being Sent Via Email?

Google Offers Goes Live, Coupons Already Being Sent Via Email?

Four days ago we reported that Google was in the process of developing Google Offers, a service that looks to be Google’s attempt at rivalling Groupon. It appears today that this service is now live.

We noticed a tweet by Lorand Minyo which suggested Google Offers had gone live, after he had received the following coupon for a jewellery store in Minneapolis:

Google stated that it was communicating with local businesses to gain support for the platform, getting companies to participate in its pre-paid offer and voucher scheme.

Offers are currently being listed on Google Maps, businesses can advertise their listing via their Google Places account. The dashboard for offers is similar to Google Adsense – you are able to specify titles, sub-headings and descriptions as well as adding discount codes, expiry dates and advertisers can also specify whether they wish to have offers made available on mobile devices.

Whilst the Google Offers section doesn’t have Groupon style deals, we believe Google is rebranding its coupons and offers into one accessible dashboard. We have contacted Google for clarification on the matter.

If you want to view a list of active Google Offers deals, click here.

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