Google Music confirmed. Could be a reality this year.

Google Music confirmed.  Could be a reality this year.

Among the flying rumors this week, Google has quietly announced what could be the biggest news of the Android 3.0 update.  In an interview with Israeli financial paper Calcalist, Google Product Manager Gavreb Jain has verified that Google will be launching a music service hand in hand with the OS update.

Of course, this news comes hot on the heels of the rumors of Apple introducing cloud-based iTunes.  It’s clearly no surprise that Google has a vested interest in keeping pace, or leading pace, with whatever Apple is doing.

For now, we Android addicts still have Amazon MP3.  While it’s effective, it isn’t a good option.  Jain has gone on to say that a Google music service would be a “major factor” in the release of the next Android version, and that’s good news to all concerned.

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