Timmp – Is Bigger Better (Than Google)?


TimmpAccording to this release on PR Newswire, there may be some true competition in the search engine market with tomorrow’s impending full release of Timmp.

Timmp is reporting to have over 130 billion pages indexed, which tops the (assumed) number of Google indexes.  The rub of this claim, however, is that Google long ago stopped talking about the numbers of sites indexed, and instead focused on providing relevant content to searches.

On first blush, Timmp provides a very clean user experience (though I’m not entirely sure about the lady pointing to the logo) with relevant results…not unlike Google.  The user interface is clean, with search modifiers for News, Image and Wikipedia results accessible through tabs on the right side of the page.

Is it a Google killer?  Not likely.  But the financial and technical backing is reported to be strong and Timmp could very well see itself as a player in the overall search market.

Probably most striking, and likewise odd, feature of Timmp?  Ads by Google, prominently displayed at the top of the page.

Timmp Screenshot

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