PS4’s new Dualshock colors include a ‘Rose Gold’ that’s totally just pink

PS4’s new Dualshock colors include a ‘Rose Gold’ that’s totally just pink

Sony today revealed it was adding new Dualshock 4 colors to an already-long list, including a color I’m pretty sure they’re trying to pass off as Rose Gold.

Sony revealed the new batch of colors in the PlayStation blog today. For the most part, the colors are what they say they are: Titanium Blue, Red Camo — which is kind of an oxymoron, but whatever — and Electric Purple, which has some very fetching white shape buttons. I’m with you so far.

I might even pick up an Electric Purple — my old black Dualshock is starting to resemble a pair of tap shoes with the amount of scuffs and nicks it’s picked up in the last six years.

There’s also a fourth color, and Sony must think very highly of this color, because it’s not only gracing the Dualshock, but also a new headset. This color is called “Rose Gold.”

And is it just me, or does that look more pink than gold?

Maybe I’m just having PTSD flashbacks to the days of being told silver looks better on my sallow skin, but to me rose gold has to have an underhue of… gold? It’s basically gold colored with a copper and silver alloy, but it’s still gold. Am I being pedantic? Maybe, but I do question what’s wrong with calling something like this just plain “Metallic Pink.”

Seriously, is there some stigma against calling it “pink?” It’s pink, y’all. I’m hopped up on cold meds and not prepared to agree that a spade isn’t a spade. Even if the top of the Dualshock has a passing resemblance to rose gold, the headset cups and the bottom of the controller are bright, peony blossom pink.

Except… I think I know who they’re trying to pander to, because that color’s awfully familiar:

Credit: Apple

Still, even Apple’s take on rose gold looks a little gold-ish under the right light. I still wonder why we don’t just call the color “rose” or “pink.” Oh well, who am I to question traditions. Rose Gold it is.

I still might buy one, though.

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