Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is headed to Xbox Game Pass

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is headed to Xbox Game Pass
Credit: Nicole Gray

Microsoft today announced its subscription-based gaming service Xbox Game Pass would be adding the incredibly popular Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds to its lineup.

The Redmond company opened it’s XO18 show today in Mexico City with a PUBG montage featuring pumping music and the game’s typical frantic action. The reveal ended with a very enthusiastic crowd watching the “Xbox Game Pass” logo slide across the screen.

One of the originators of the Battle Royale gaming craze, PUBG is a fan-favorite. If you haven’t played it, you can try it out on Xbox Game Pass starting November 12. And if you don’t have a Game Pass subscription, you’ll be able to get your first month for just $1 if you sign up now.

Xbox Game Pass is a $9.99 a month subscription gaming service that allows users to download Xbox One and Xbox 360 titles from a library of more than 100 games.  Once downloaded, users have complete access to the title for as long as their subscription remains active. All first-party titles published by Microsoft Studios launch on the service simultaneously, making it a pretty enticing service for Xbox One owners.

Also announced for Xbox Game Pass: Crackdown 3. The open-world sandbox arrives worldwide on Xbox One and Windows 10 on February 15.

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