Nintendo’s Mario Kart racer is coming to phones by March 2019

Nintendo’s Mario Kart racer is coming to phones by March 2019
Credit: Nintendo

Nintendo has announced that it’s bringing Mario Kart Tour, a racing game featuring its beloved plumber, to mobile devices sometime between this April and next March.

That’s all the company is saying for now, but it’ll be interesting to see what it brings to the table, as the name Mario Kart Tour indicates that it’ll likely be a brand new title instead of a port of Nintendo’s previous racing games. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, which first launched on the Wii U, sold at least 5 million copies of its version for the Switch.

The company’s been keen on mobile for the past couple of years, having promised five titles in 2015 and released four – but it’s now shuttering its social ‘game’ Miitomo, and is yet to deliver the Zelda title we’d heard about back in May 2017.

Oh, and if you still can’t get enough of Mario, you’ll be happy to know that he’ll soon star in his own animated movie, which will be co-produced by the character’s creator, Shigeru Miyamoto, and Chris Meledandri, who heads Illumination Entertainment, which was behind Ice Age and Despicable Me.

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