Play PUBG on Xbox One a day early with this clever trick

Play PUBG on Xbox One a day early with this clever trick
Credit: Steam

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), the megapopular arena multiplayer game, is coming out on Xbox One in various regions tomorrow. If you don’t already have the game in your region, there is a way around the restrictions.

According to VG247, you need to have pre-ordered the game for this to work. You’ll also need to have purchased your game key from somewhere other than the Xbox Store.

With me so far? Now you set your Xbox as your Home Xbox — do this by going to Personalization in the system settings, then to My Home Xbox. Select the option “Make this my home Xbox.” Then redeem your key, download the game, and join the servers once its in your library. It’s fairly simple.

PUBG makes its debut on the Xbox One as a timed console exclusive, having been a PC/Steam-based phenomenon in its early access phase since March. The version to be released on Xbox One is the same as the early access version currently on PC. The full 1.0 release for PC is expected to roll out on December 20.

Some gamers are already streaming themselves playing PUBG on Xbox One, which makes a good alternative if you don’t want to risk server stability by joining the game too early. Or if you’re — horrors — a PlayStation gamer. There’s still hope for the latter, as Tencent is currently making PUBG spin-off games for mobile devices.

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