Tamagotchi is bringing virtual pets back with a mobile game for its 20th birthday next year

Remember those delightful Tamagotchi digital pets you could keep on a keychain and pretend it was real? It’s been resurrected for smartphones before, but now, toy maker Bandai Namco is reimagining the concept for its 20th anniversary with a whole new mobile experience.

Dubbed My Tamagotchi Forever, it features vibrant new characters that are plenty more fleshed out than their pixelated predecessors. The trailer also shows a town full of Tamagotchi characters that can interact with each other, so it’ll offer a more social experience than the egg-shaped toys from the 90s allowed.

Sadly, fans will have to wait until sometime in 2018 to try this out (yup, it’s late – the toy was first launched in Japan in 1996, and in the rest of the world the following year). You can register to be notified over on this site; the game will become available on iOS and Android when it launches.

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