Sacre Bleu! Overwatch streamer plays with baguette sniper rifle

Sacre Bleu! Overwatch streamer plays with baguette sniper rifle
Credit: PlayOverwatch/YouTube

Look, Overwatch fans — I’m willing to accept some of the goofy controllers y’all have dreamed up. Turntables for Lucio, a sword for Genji, even a hammer for Reinhardt? All good for me.

But now someone’s created a custom Widowmaker controller … from a baguette. And I think it’s just a step too far, if only because it’s a waste of a perfectly edible baguette.

This video comes courtesy of Rudeism, the guy behind multiple other “weird Overwatch controller” stunts, including flight sticks, and Winston bananas (this guy really wants to play games using my lunch, apparently). He made the bread controller with the help of a breadboard circuit, because of course he did.

In case you don’t get the connection: Overwatch‘s intrepid sniper Widowmaker is French. As the ultimate seductress in a game with a multinational cast, it makes sense that she’d have a thick “ooh la la” accent. When a character is as French as she is, it’s only natural the baguettes start flying.

Rudeism tested the device on his Twitch channel, where it worked surprisingly well given it’s a piece of bread with an electrical circuit jammed into it.

I can’t say I’d use it during my Widowmaker plays. I’m already a terrible sniper without being tempted to eat my controller.

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