Microsoft is remastering the original Age of Empires in glorious 4K

The only strategy games that have come close to being as deep, satisfying and accessible as Age of Empires are the series’ follow-up titles. Microsoft know that all too well, which is why it recently released an HD edition of 1999’s Age of Empires II. Now, it’s going back further in time to resurrect the original, with Age of Empires: Definitive Edition.

The remaster will see the first game in the franchise brought back to life in 4K, 20 years after its release. It’ll also feature an “entirely re-orchestrated soundtrack, brand-new narrative, major gameplay improvements, Xbox Live support for multiplayer, and achievements.”

Hardcore fans who enjoyed the Rise of Rome expansion will be happy to know that all 16 civilizations from that add-on pack will also be available. As a longtime fan who’s lost entire summers to this series, I can’t wait for a reprise of the very first AoE that got me hooked on the RTS genre.

Developer Forgotten Empires hasn’t set a release date or price for the Windows-based title, but it has noted that you’ll only be able to buy the game from the Windows Store (sorry, Steam fans). A closed beta will launch soon, and you can sign up to try the game before it releases over at the official site.

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