E3 lets the public in for the first time and chaos ensues

E3 lets the public in for the first time and chaos ensues

This is the first year E3 has been open to the public. What’s to complain about 15,000 excited gamers finally getting their chance to enter the world’s largest gaming event?


Oh dear.

Look, I’ve been to many a big conference covering tech so I know how crazy they can get, but this year’s E3 looks especially bonkers – to the point of nearly being dangerous.

And if you need any more proof Nintendo has recaptured gamer mindshare with the Switch, just take a look at the company’s E3 booth, which seems to be the most crowded of them all.


To be fair, Sony’s booth is significantly larger (and Microsoft’s quite a bit smaller):

Unfortunately, all the extra crowds mean that many people who are there for, you know, work aren’t having the best of times.

Granted, you can argue getting these new experiences out to gamers is more important than the press – fair enough. But whether or not you think opening E3 up to the public was the right choice, it looks like the ESA might need to allocate space a little better next time around.

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