Far Cry 5 is on its way

Far Cry 5 is on its way
Credit: Ubisoft UK / Twitter

If you’ve enjoyed Ubisoft’s open-world adventure titles in the Far Cry franchise thus far, you’ll be happy to know that the gaming giant is set to release Far Cry 5 in the coming year.

It’s technically the seventh title in the series, after the first four in succession, and more recently, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon and 2016’s Far Cry Primal, both of which were was spin-offs. Ubisoft mentioned the sequel its 2017 fiscal earnings report (PDF), which it published yesterday.

The company didn’t share additional details about what we can expect in the upcoming release, but it’s possible that we’ll hear more during the E3 expo, which will kick off on June 13 and might also see Microsoft reveal information about its Project Scorpio console.

There’s talk about the game being set in Montana, but it may not be a Western-themed title as you might expect. Forbes’ Paul Tassi has a bunch of interesting theories about what the setting might be like: I’d love for him to be right about ‘some sort of modern weed/meth/drug/arms trade in the mountains.’

Besides Far Cry, Ubisoft is also working on follow-ups to its historical stealth adventure series Assassin’s Creed, as well as its open-world racing title The Crew. A screenshot of the next AC title, which is believed to be named Assassin’s Creed: Origins, leaked recently and depicted the protagonist on board a boat.

It’ll be interesting if Ubisoft can weave its AAA magic in 2018. With strong franchises and huge fan followings (Far Cry 3 sold about 10 million copies, while Far Cry 4 managed upwards of 7 million), it’s got a lot riding on these upcoming titles.


Ubisoft Reports Full-year 2016-17 Sales And Earnings Figures (PDF) on Ubisoft

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