Samsung’s Galaxy S8 already hacked to play GameCube classics

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 already hacked to play GameCube classics

By all accounts, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is a fine piece of hardware. Napier was impressed when he got his hands on it last month. But if you need proof of its power and versatility, take a look at its smooth emulation of 16-year-old games.

An enterprising YouTuber installed several GameCube games directly onto the Galaxy S8. There’s a complete set of on-screen touch controls, meaning the games are fully playable if you have nimble fingers.

The YouTuber, GuruAidTechSupport, showed off three games: Super Smash Bros MeleeSuper Mario Sunshine, and Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. In another video, he plays Mario Kart Double Dash. The emulation is surprisingly smooth and responsive.

He says in the description of another video that he installed the emulator and games on a demo unit at a Target. You can see the price display in the background, and he talks about having to evade a suspicious employee.

Guru ran the games via Dolphin Emulator, a popular piece of software.

via Business Insider

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