Xbox One update adds a bunch of long-awaited features

Xbox One S

It’s a big day for Xbox One gamers. Several big updates previously available only to insiders are coming to everyone.

Microsoft is sprucing up Beam, its livestreaming client, in an effort to help it compete with Twitch. That might be a bit of a lost cause considering the size of Twitch’s audience — it’s big enough to be its own game marketplace and social network. But Beam now has a slight advantage, because it’ll be built into your Xbox Live account and require no extra software.

Credit: Major Nelson

Among other improvements are an updated Guide, a simpler UI on Home, and achievement trackers. You’ll now also be able to play games in “Copilot Mode,” which allows two game controllers to function as one and makes any game cooperative.

The changes to Xbox One start rolling out today. The Creators Update for Windows 10, with some similar features, will be released on April 11.

Beam Streaming, Intuitive Guide And More Come To Xbox One Starting Today on Major Nelson

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