Switch owners left to DIY for lack of screen protectors

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Following the release last week of the much-anticipated Nintendo Switch, early purchasers are scrambling to find protection for their delicate screens.

In addition to the usual wear and tear you can expect for portable consoles, some people report just docking the Switch — which, we remind you, is what the what the console is designed to do — can scratch up the tablet screen. Glixel showed off the collection of scratches its Switch had managed to accrue after a week of “super careful” use. Some users made quick fixes out of cotton lining, but Glixel still recommends you use a screen protector.

Unfortunately, it seems good screen protectors for the Switch are hard to come by.

There are two reasons: first, screen protectors are difficult to get hold of. At time of writing, there were none available for immediate delivery from Amazon, with the earliest delivery date being the middle of the month – at least for me, in the US.

Second, the ones which are available seem to be unreliable. The reviews tell conflicting stories. Amazon users have logged complaints about incompatible size (that’s what she said) and dust problems. The Hori Premium Screen Protector, a licensed product, is near-universally panned due to its inability to take the heat.

Credit: Amazon

There are some products, like the amFilm glass protector, with good reviews, but, as said, they’re are not currently in stock on Amazon.

It seems, if you want to keep your Switch in optimal condition, either you need a quick fix of cotton and tape, or you’ll have to wait a week or so to get your hands on a decent screen protector. In the meantime, dock carefully.

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