You can finally use some Android watches as spy communicators

You can finally use some Android watches as spy communicators

Android wear is getting a big update today that will add a few much-wanted features – especially if you have a recent model.

Most interestingly, Android Wear is finally adding speaker support – meaning you can finally be the spy you always wanted to be and take phone calls from your wrirst.

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The feature is only available on two watches for now – the Huawai Wtch and the ASUS Zenwatch 2 – but we assume future models will begin making the hardware a priority.

Meanwhile, Google is expanding voice support for sending messages. While before it was basically just limited to text messages, now you can send messages using Google Now on apps like like Google Hangouts, Nextplus, Telegram, Viber,  WeChat, and WhatsApp.

Finally, Google is adding support for a few new gestures. A downwards push on the watch will expand a card, lifting your wrist will open up your apps menu, and shaking your wrist will return your to your home screen.

The software features are rolling out to all Android Wear devices over the “next few weeks.”

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