Yunoo launches: Personal finance app for Dutchies (screenshots)

Yunoo launches: Personal finance app for Dutchies (screenshots)

yunooUtrecht based startup Yunoo launches to the public today. Yunoo is a online personal finance management application that helps consumers and small businesses keep track of their spending.

I believe that this is a great application and it is a matter of time before these youngsters get swallowed by a big bank or another big fish in the financial pool. Yunoo provides essential insight into your spending and that’s something that should have been available s part of your bank’s online tool years ago.

What it does:
Yunoo founder Kevin Voges explains: “Yunoo consolidates your financial life in one place and shows you exactly where your money is being spent. With Yunoo you can add all your bank accounts, savings accounts and credit cards so that you get a complete overview of your finances.”

So when I import my bank data I see that I spent 75 euros on average on coffee each month. I also saw that I paid double rent in January! That was useful info, one email got me back my rent.

The service is well thought through, and it has a lot of nifty features, which you’ll fdiscover once your using it. In the US personal finance applications have been hot lately. Mint, Wesabe and MoneyStrands have been in the news frequently.

Screenshot: Set your budget and see if you make it within your budget.

Grocery spending. Select the tags you want to include in your graph.

Yunoo started as a university project among 4 guys, but has grown out into a real company. According to Kevin, one of the founders, they have secured an undisclosed amount of money from Patrick van der Tuin, who joined the board as CEO in January this year.

In the private beta 5000 users have been testing Yunoo (formerly known as Qash).

If you look at their goal (a must have for your investors:)), to “Become the nr.1 Social Personal Finance webapp in Europe”, they have International aspirations. For now it is focused on the Netherlands.

Yunoo signed up for the The Next Web Rising Sun Startup Rally, so we might see them on stage during the conference.

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