Facebook is now available on Tor for more secure browsing

Facebook Tor

After enabling secure HTTPS browsing by default for all users in August last year, Facebook has taken another step to allow for secure browsing, and has made their social network available via the Tor network for users who want to maintain their anonymity when logging on to the Web.

The Facebook onion address (accessible only in Tor-enabled browsers) connects users to Facebook’s Core WWW Infrastructure, so as to provide end-to-end communication, directly from the browser into a Facebook datacentre, allowing for private and secure browsing sessions. An SSL certificate issued by Facebook to visitors confirms to them that they’re indeed accessing the right destination.

The onion address for Facebook (https://facebookcorewwwi.onion/) is currently live, and Tor users can log on with it securely starting now.

Making Connections to Facebook more Secure [Facebook]

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