Finexkap wins Tech5 France: ‘We built a mentality of getting shit done’

Finexkap wins Tech5 France: ‘We built a mentality of getting shit done’

Finexkap, the financing platform for small businesses, won The Next Web’s Tech5 competition to become the fastest growing startup in France.

The winner gets to speak at the TNW Conference about their amazing growth and gets a chance to compete to become Europe’s fastest growing company.

“This competition is different from all other startup competitions. We don’t need a jury, but we only look at the growth in revenue of the companies”, says Patrick de Laive, co-founder of TNW.

During these dinners, TNW and Adyen announce the five fastest growing startups in that country. “We are delighted to be able to host the Tech5 event in France for the 3rd time in a row,” explained Philippe de Passorio, Adyen’s country manager for France.

“Innovation is part of our DNA, and it is very exciting for us to be able to support and recognize the innovation, creativity and strength of the greatest emerging startups in France.”

After visits to Amsterdam, London and Barcelona, Paris was next in line to host the Tech5 dinner.

While Finexkap won, four other startups were also named in the top 5, which you can find below.

The Top 5:

  1. Finexkap is a Web platform offering working capital to small businesses. They have already received more than 25 million euros in funding and announced a new round between €40-60 million in September last year.
  2. Aircall is a startup that provides Google Voice for companies. The runner up of Tech5 was founded in 2014 and recently joined the 500 Startups accelerator.
  3. is an online retailer of healthcare products. With millions of visitors a month, they’re not only growing quickly but profitable, too.
  4. Magency enables organizations in more than 40 countries to enhance engagement through interactive training and events.
  5. Sublime Skinz is a leading skin-based advertising company. The company received€10 million in funding, ran more than 2,500 campaigns for 80 leading media agencies, displayed on 3,500+ websites reaching for more than 300 million Web users.

Tips and Tricks

Léa Veran, CMO of Finexkap: “Our growth relies on the people we chose to build the future of financing, and the business model we selected to scale.”

But growing fast also means making though decisions.

“It’s hard to maintain your startup culture once you receive a series A round of 25 million euros. More people get involved and you have to convince them everyday you’re on the right track. That goes hand-in-hand with more pressure. At that point, some aspects of the culture just don’t work anymore.”


Jonathan, co-founder of Aircall told us: “Entering the US market was incredibly important to get to these growth figures. The product has to be just right, if one element is missing you’re done. This is a different story in Europe. People here tend to easier adopt a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) than in the US.

Honourable mentions

Some companies had some amazing growth but just missed the top 5. In attendance at the evening was Flayr, La Belle Assiette, Carnet de Mode and Mention.

Will these fast-growing companies become the new Adyen of France one day? Be sure to keep track of these nine companies on Index.

In the next two weeks, the Berlin and Stockholm dinner will take place. In the first two weeks of May there will be a chance for those that didn’t win, to get tickets to TNW Conference.

Stay tuned for updates.





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