Is Barcelona a hotspot for startups? Claro que si! Join us on 11 July to find out why

Is Barcelona a hotspot for startups? Claro que si! Join us on 11 July to find out why

The weather in Barcelona hasn’t been exactly stellar the past few months (don’t cry for me), but there’s finally some promise of a long ‘estiu calent’ (hot summer for all you non-Catalan speakers) in the air.


We wouldn’t be The Next Web if we didn’t do our part to turn up the heat, by throwing an event on the evening of Thursday 11 July in collaboration with the local tech community brewers from and the fine beer brewers at Estrella Damm.

Details for the TNW @ Barcelona event

Date and time: Thursday 11 July, from 7PM to 9PM (followed by a meetup with drinks for everyone)

Venue: Antiga Fàbrica Estrella Damm (C/ Rosselló 515, Eixample district – coincidentally just a short walk from the Sagrada Família)


Where can I register? Why, right here.

Like the event we recently did in Madrid, we intend to make TNW @ Barcelona a brief but inspiring event with some really great speakers.

We’ll be announcing said speakers over the next two weeks, but don’t let that stop you from registering already. We’ve decided to keep the ticket prices low to make sure everyone gets a chance to come.

Until Friday next week, you can register for 15 euros; after that the price will be 20 euros. Note that this includes entrance for the event and as much Estrella Damm beer as you want afterwards as you discuss which keynote or panel you liked best. If you insist, we’ll also serve water.

Yours truly will be doing a short session at the event to kick things off, to tell you how I think startups should (and shouldn’t) handle blogger and press relations, and if you ask nicely I’ll also tell you why I think the Barcelona startup ecosystem reminds me of the Sagrada Família.

We’ll be announcing some kick-ass additions to the speaker line-up in the coming weeks, but we recommend to get your tickets as soon as possible. Capacity of the venue we’ve booked is capped at 250 seats, so space will be limited.

We’re looking into ways to highlight some local companies on stage – also more on that soon. Barça recently secured its 22nd league title, but we want to know who Barcelona’s startup ‘campions’ are, too.

Last but not least, we’re open for having two or three companies help us turn TNW @ Barcelona into a memorable event. If you’re interested in sponsoring or supporting the event in some way, or have any other questions, don’t hold back: email me at

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