Check out the winning hacks from Dwolla & Etsy’s first eCommerce Hack Day in NYC

Check out the winning hacks from Dwolla & Etsy’s first eCommerce Hack Day in NYC

Over the past 24 hours, eCommerce Hack Day (#eHD) brought together over 100 of NY’s finest developers for a sold out e-commerce themed hackathon. As you’d expect, this weekend featured a sleepless rush of brainstorming, coding, candy and pitching for more than $10,000 in prizes.

eHD also featured some unexpected surprises. It wasn’t hosted at the usual spot for NY hackathons: General Assembly’s Flatiron coworking space. Instead, Dwolla and Etsy opted for midtown-based AlleyNYC, and although Midtown is dreadful, the space was massive and allowed for more hackers, workshops and overall comfort than you’d ever expect to see at an event like this. In two days, hackers enjoyed midnight karaoke, an ice cream party, a nap room, 5 full meals, massages and more — not bad for a free event with tons of prizes.

This afternoon, some 37 hacks were demoed in-front of a packed audience and broadcasted via Google Hangouts. After much deliberation from the judges, we share with you the winning hacks:

Miss Nev – $6,000

Miss Nev helps you never miss packages when you’re not home. Miss Nev also helps businesses generate more traffic. It’s simple: The Miss Nev platform allows businesses to accept packages on behalf of customers in exchange for product purchases.

ShopPapaya – $2,500

ShopPapaya is a one-click tool that helps you shop smarter. Launch the ShopPapaya analytics layer over any retailer site to check the latest price trends on eBay. ShopPapaya provides tips on whether you should buy now (prices are rising) or wait to buy (prices are dropping). ShopPapaya is proud to be powered by Terapeak.

Dollarly – $1,500

Move $money for #anything to @anyone anywhere.

You can check out all the submitted hacks here, and find more photos here.

As we said back in June when we announced the event, Hackathons really do mean a lot to NY’s tech scene. Maybe it’s the late-night burritos or the lack of sleep, in combination with a non-stop 24 hour coding marathon, but for whatever reason, they’re an essential part of our community and are worth supporting.

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