Midem Hack Day is set to explore the future of music apps, here’s how to get involved

Midem Hack Day is set to explore the future of music apps, here’s how to get involved

The music industry is going through an intense period of transformation right now, and the annual Midem conference is where the people making it happen meet.

Midem 2012 takes place in Cannes, France on 28-31 January, featuring talks, exhibits, gigs and more as people from the worlds of music, technology and marketing get together to help shape the future.

The Next Web will be reporting from Midem, and one of the events we’re most looking forward to is the Midem Hack Day. Based on the popular Music Hack Day events, thirty developers, hackers and technology innovators will come together from around the world, with the challenge of developing brand new apps for the music industry in just 48 hours.

The scope is enormous – products built at the event can be software, hardware, mobile, something artistic – as long as it’s music-related.

Want to get involved?

A ‘Call for Ideas’ period is running from today until 4 January, open to anyone attending Midem, from artists and labels to developers and designers. Ideas collected will form a ‘wish-list’ of tools they’d like to see built during the event. The organisers will then pick up to 20 ideas to take forward into the competition.

Last year’s Midem Hack Day produced inspiring apps and mashups, including Takes Questions, a service using the SoundCloud API. As we reported earlier this year, it was later launched in its own right.

If you have an idea you’d like to submit to Midem Hack Day, the entry form is here. Meanwhile, if you’re a developer who wants to take part, you can find details here.

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