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    • The Consumer Electronics Show is one of the most prominent technology trade shows in the world, and takes place annually in January. Held in Las Vegas, Nevada, CES is often the home to consumer product announcements and demonstrations of future technologies, although it’s not open to the public. Among the notable products and standards that saw their debut at CES are the CD Player, HDTV, and the original Xbox. Needless to say, it’s one of the most anticipated events of the year for technology enthusiasts and press.
    • Start date: Jan 9, 2018
      End date: Jan 12, 2018
      Location: United States

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  • Freemie Liberty breast pump lets mothers set and forget

    While a lot of CES's flashier showings revolved around cars, or massive televisions, or VR, or robots, equally revolutionary are less-conspicuous bits of tech that aim to make life easier for a subset of users. Case in point, the Freemie Liberty breast pump, which debuted this year. What ...

  • Razer built a mechanical keyboard the size of a table

    Mechanical keyboards are awesome, and they've had something of a renaissance in recent years as people realize their superiority to the flimsy membrane keyboards we're used to. But you know what's even better than a mechanical keyboard? A really frikkin big mechanical keyboard, ...

  • The wild, weird, and wonderful of CES 2018

    Another year, another CES rolls in and out of Las Vegas, one of the most suitable locations on earth to host such an event. I was registered for this years CES but wasn’t able to make it in the end. Thanks to the 100s of emails I received every day, I can still present a handful ...

  • Do we still need CES?

    As the lights went down on the CES showroom I found myself snickering at the irony. In an event meant to showcase the latest and greatest, no amount of innovation could overcome the failure of a technology first harnessed in the 1800s: electricity. The once-crowded showroom was ...

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