Netflix makes its much-anticipated debut in France

Netflix makes its much-anticipated debut in France

Netflix has finally said ‘bonjour’ to France after the video-on-demand site marked its long-awaited arrival in the country, another part of its ambitious European expansion program.

Announced via a tweet, Netflix’s imminent arrival has had French broadcasters scrambling for a response. Top broadcaster Canal Play has been investing in online services, while others are offering stacks of free content online to combat the new arrival.

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Things may not be plain sailing however. Set-top boxes are hugely popular media channels in France, where they are offered as part of internet-TV-phone deals, and, for now, Netflix is not offered by the all-powerful set-top box operators. For now Netflix will stick to its website and apps, but there are hints that set-top box companies could embrace it if it gains traction among the public.

Netflix officially says ‘enchanté’ to France [Engadget]

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