Now powering over 100 APIs, 3scale debuts free self-service API management solution

Now powering over 100 APIs, 3scale debuts free self-service API management solution

San Francisco startup 3scale (which was actually born in Spain) is today releasing its free self-service API management platform. The company already powers 100+ APIs and has over 60,000 developers leveraging them to write applications.

3scale, which competes with companies like Mashery, Apigee and Layer7, is releasing the infrastructure solution to help companies launch, distribute and manage Web APIs.

This is an increasingly popular way for businesses to open their data and services to third parties (see Google, Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo, Amazon and many more).

3scale’s platform assists companies that aim to create an ecosystem around their products through APIs to stay in full control of data volumes, audience and usage.

Says Steven Willmott, co-founder and CEO of the startup:

“3scale mission is to make it fast and easy for everybody on the web to distribute and operate APIs – something we see as the underpinnings of where the Web is going.

To date, API Management solutions have been expensive and inaccessible for general use – but as APIs become more critical we wanted to make sure best of breed solution was available to everybody”.

3scale’s new Web-based platform offers API key management, access control, rate limiting, analytics and monetization straight out of the box. Interestingly, it also allows companies to set up a branded developer portal à la (just an example URL) with a full-fledged CMS.

The solution is available for free for up to 50,000 API transactions per day.

Should a customer’s API(s) become way more popular, 3scale’s Enterprise offering can scale to up to hundreds of millions of calls per day and comes with enterprise-grade SLAs, support and additional features and tools.

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