Spotify arrives on Philips Streamium Hi-Fi systems

Spotify arrives on Philips Streamium Hi-Fi systems

There has been a flurry of activity from Spotify over the past few months, seemingly kick-started by its launch Stateside back in July.

Whilst last month we reported that Spotify was teaming up with Western Digital to bring music to the livingroom, it has now officially announced that it will be available on Philips Streamium Wireless Hi-Fi component systems (MCi8080 and MCi900).

All you need to do is switch on your Streamium system and you will be notified of the update. Of course, you will need a Spotify Premium subscription to use the service.

If you’re already on a Spotify Premium service, chances are you’re using it on at least one mobile device, be that a tablet or a smartphone. With that in mind, you’ll actually be able to control Spotify on your Streamium Hi-Fi with the Philips MyRemote app – available on iOS and Android.

Spotify is really starting to rack up the partnerships, as we’ve seen with its Virgin Media deal in the UK, and it’s fast growing beyond its original computer-based roots. We expect to see many more deals such as this in the months that follow.

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