Tammy Camp: “Fantasies are selfish, dreams have purpose.”

Tammy Camp: “Fantasies are selfish, dreams have purpose.”

Yesterday, at The Next Web Conference in Amsterdam, entrepreneur and world record holding kiteboarder Miss Tammy Camp took the stage for her keynote speech, “Shoot for the Moon: A Path to Innovation and Inspiration.”

Camp was born in Atlanta to a Taiwanese mother and a father who served as a U.S. army intelligence officer. When she was a little girl Camp remembers biking down her stairs in hopes of flying like Wonder Woman, only to crash with a scar on her upper lip and chin to show for it today. But this crazy story symbolizes how ambitious Camp is. She’s a dreamer who wants to make this world a better place. In fact, she’s just come back from Kuwait where she was raising a one billion dollar fund for Silicon Valley startups. But, Camp draws an important distinction between dreaming and fantasies.

Fantasies are selfish. Dreams have a purpose.

-Tammy Camp

People fantasize about things that will make their lives happy. But dreams are different, dreams happen when we imagine a world that we want to live in. Dreams are the stuff of The Wright Brothers, John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. Dreams take work. Camp worries that as a world we are no longer dreamers, we are fantasizers. But we have the ability to reverse this trend. “The one community we can turn to are the entrepreneurs that still dare to dream,” she says.

See her full presentation here from The Next Web Conference.

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