Renault brings Facebook ‘Likes’ to real life [Video]

Renault brings Facebook ‘Likes’ to real life [Video]

Renault came up with a brilliant way of moving the process of ‘Liking’ on Facebook something into the real world this month.

At the AutoRAI Amsterdam Motorshow in the Netherlands, the firm handed out RFID-equipped smartcards on its stand. Visitors could connect them to their Facebook profiles. From there, if a visitor liked the look of one of Renault’s cars, they swiped their card against a reader, automatically marking it as ‘Liked’ on their profile and posting up a link containing more information.

The act of Liking is quick and easy online, and it’s fascinating to see that transposed into the offline world. It won’t be surprising if more companies try this out in the near future. While smartcards are currently the easiest way to do this, as more mobile phones are released with embedded RFID chips, expect Liking just about anything to become ridiculously simple.

While using RFID with social media is a novelty at present, it’s sure to become an important way of interacting with the online world over the next few years.

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