Now THIS is an eyecatching way to pitch us a product

Now THIS is an eyecatching way to pitch us a product

I remember a few years ago when I was lucky to be pitched one great app, gadget or story per day. Now, as The Next Web has grown, so has the volume of pitches we all receive, to the point where rarely a day goes by when one of us doesn’t complain about the state of our inbox.

So, it’s refreshing when someone takes a different approach. Witness this video from the people behind the iMagnet Mount, who sent our CMO Jorg Ruis a personal pitch. It mentions him by name and explains why they think we should cover their product. Okay, they call him ‘George’ when his name is really pronounced ‘Yorg’, but we’ll let them off.

I can’t vouch for the quality, or otherwise, of the product but the pitch definitely caught our eye and shows that it’s worth thinking creatively rather than firing off a buzzword-laden press release in 10-point font and ‘For Immediate Release’ in big, bold letters at the top. I’m sure they sent similar videos to many more people at other outlets with customized introductions for each but it’s nice touch and certainly stands out from the crowd.

Just a couple of pieces of advice: Please don’t all send us personalised videos now or the novelty will wear off very quickly – and don’t pitch Jorg. He’s an important member of the team but you’d be better contacting one of our editorial team or [email protected]

Image credit: AFP / Getty Images

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