CoFounder TV: A curated collection of the best entrepreneurial videos the Web has to offer

CoFounder TV: A curated collection of the best entrepreneurial videos the Web has to offer

CoFounder TV is a new site bringing together the best that the Web has to offer in entrepreneurial videos. Launched by Dubai-based Rony El-Nashar, who also happens to be the founder of startup incubator SeedStartup, the site is a “handpicked collection of the highest quality, most educational entrepreneurship videos from across the web.”

We had spoken to Rony in January about SeedStartup, and today we caught up with him once again to find out a little bit more about CoFounder TV. Rony tells us:

“The reason I created the site was to collect, filter and organize the web’s very best entrepreneurship videos to create a solid educational (and inspirational) resource for entrepreneurs and those who aspire to be entrepreneurs.

There’s a huge amount of great entrepreneurship content out there.  The problem is, it’s very fragmented, it’s mixed in with a lot of junk which makes the gems hard to find and many fantastic, high-quality entrepreneurship videos remain obscure even on the web’s most highly trafficked websites largely due to imperfect onsite recommendation engines.”

The videos on CoFounder TV are categorized, making it easy to dive right in and find the types of entrepreneurial videos that you’re interested in watching. The categories include founder stories, pitching & fund raising, product design and usability, venture capital and more, while the database is also fully searchable.

CoFounder TV already includes videos featuring WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Foursquare’s Pierre Valade and VC and leader of 500 StartupsDave McClure, among many others.

The site already has well over 200 videos uploaded, with more on the way, and if you know of any videos you think should be included on the site, you can submit a recommendation.

To get you started, we’ve selected one of our favourite videos from CoFounder TV, a great half hour video speaking to over 400 small business owners about what drives them, and what it means to be an entrepreneur, but be sure to head over to the site and check out the rest.

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