Here’s one way to get your dream job, actually use the company’s service

Here’s one way to get your dream job, actually use the company’s service

Hanna Phan wanted to work for online presentation service SlideRocket really bad. What she did to land the job seems obvious, but common sense isn’t so common as we know.

Phan actually used SlideRocket to get their attention.

SlideRocket lets you build presentations online, so Phan used the service for a little attention grabbing and message sending. The message was received loud and clear, apparently.

She tweeted the company’s CEO with her presentation which explained why she wanted to work for the company, and got a reply back almost immediately.

@chuckdietrich @sliderocket I want to work with you! Find my application here:

An hour later, after Chuck literally walked off a plane, he replied:

@hannaphan @sliderocket AMAZING Preso! Let’s talk.

Here’s her presentation:

Needless to say, she got the job.

Job hunting can be a tedious job in and of itself, but if you know where you’d like to work, take some tips from Hanna Phan and eat your own dog food before you’re hired to do so officially.

Finding jobs at startups relies on your past experience, relationships with those at the company, and how passionate you are about what they’re doing. These things weren’t the case ten and twenty years ago. Finding a job relied on your past work history and your collegiate accolades.

So remember, the next time you want to work for that hot startup, simply use their service and figure out a way to get their attention. A tweet is worth a thousand words, and in this case, thousands of dollars worth of work.

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