Take the Pain!

Take the Pain!

I have been taking cold showers in the morning for a few weeks now. This is what I do: I get up, take a hot shower for a few minutes and then turn of the heat and stand under the cold water for a minute. Yes, it is cold. Yes, I’m cursing a lot and yes, it feels awesome!

There are several reason why taking a cold shower is good for you. Something about your blood circulation, skin health and even testosterone levels. And although those are nice side effects I do it for another reason.

The reason I take a cold shower is to remind myself that my goal in life as an entrepreneur is not to get comfortable. My goal is to succeed in whatever I want to succeed in. If that means getting uncomfortable so be it.

The reason I need to be reminded of that is that we all have a tendency to try to get comfortable. We stay near the heater when we all know it is so much more fun to put on a coat and take a walk in the rain. We cuddle up in front of a television set when we know it is so much more rewarding to put in the effort and read a book. And we procrastinate and read a few more funny blogs when we know there are difficult decisions to be made and uncomfortable conversations to be had.

We need to remind ourselves that we want to reach certain goals, that the reward will come in the end and that hard work and ‘taking the pain’ is all part of the process. No pain, no gain.

And that is why I start my day off with a cold shower. Take the pain, forget comfortable, define your goals, fight the urge to relax, TAKE THE PAIN!!!

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