Will Google+ Replace Facebook?

Will Google+ Replace Facebook?

I frequently get questions like these: “Is Google+ going to kill facebook like Facebook killed MySpace?”

The answer is “no” but not because Google+ isn’t going to be hugely successful.

Services, technologies and companies never kill or replace each other. Some companies just don’t keep up with customer demand, stop innovating and then might fade away. Television never really replaced radio because radio had its uses and was a solid technology. The Internet never replaced television for the same reasons.

Facebook didn’t just replace MySpace because it was better but mostly because MySpace was much worse, and didn’t seem to do much about it. The only one to blame for the decline of MySpace is MySpace itself. You don’t lose 300 million members without making a few enemies.

There is enough room for several social networks. Facebook, LinkedIn and Google can coexist just fine just like two bars in the same street don’t have to kill or replace each other to survive.

Will Google+replace Facebook?

No, but maybe Facebook will fall on its sword and give Google+ a chance to take its place.

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